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New Arizona-based games rental company set up by gamers for gamers; still early to judge their prospects--now gone out of business

Get Your Gamez Game Rental Review

Visit Get Your Gamez SiteGet Your Gamez went out of business in late 2008--this review is kept as it was for posterity.

Get Your Gamez is a new, smaller service launched in June 2007 by gamers, for gamers. They are based in Arizona, and handle all the major consoles, but their only handheld support is for the PSP. Their inventory is a respectable 2,500 unique titles for seven platforms.

Their design and navigation is simple and intuitive, with 11 genres to browse, divided by console of course. Data on the actual titles is mixed; we especially like their long narrative descriptions, much better than a short blurb for judging if a game is any good. But they only have fields for Availability, Production Year, Platform, Maturity Rating, and when the product was added to their catalog. More useful would be additional info listed on other sites like number of players, customer reviews, etc.

They have a convenient "Sending it Back" button which you tick once you've put your last game in the mail, and Get Your Gamez will mail the next game on your list out, before they receive the last. They only give this option to customers who have been a member for over a month, a fair caution to deter scammers. They also have a handy Buy It button, so you can buy used games if you really like them. There are other options like purchasing gift vouchers and redeeming them--all electronically.

If a game is lost in the mail, they'll give customers grace for one game, but subsequent ones will be charged to the customer, according to the Terms and Conditions, which is a bit worrying if its due to the unreliability of the US Postal Service. That said, when asked about the policy, they note that it has never actually had to be implemented.

Get Your Gamez is owned by Matt Behm, and the site has enjoyed some excellent growth since its launch. We especially like the addition of their blog, which features new game reviews, as well as information on rental service improvements.

Prices: Unlike most games rental companies Get Your Gamez does not offers a free trial, though they do offer half price off the first month. They have two unlimited rental plans, $14.95 per month for one game out at a time, and $19.95 for 2 games out at a time. Note there is a limit of one account per household and one per credit card.

We'd be diligent about mailing items back if you cancel, as reading through the Terms and Conditions, they require that you get any outstanding games back to Get Your Gamez within seven days, otherwise you'll be charged full retail price.

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Key Facts

Get Your Gamez Logo

Games at a time:
1: $14.99 (Unlimited)
2 : $19.99 (Unlimited)

Xbox 360 (260+)
Wii (200+)
PS3 (100+)
PS2 (1020+)
PSP (270+)
Xbox (390+)
Gamecube (190+)

Free Trial: none

Distribution Center: Arizona

Titles: 2,500+
Film Rentals: no
Phone Contact:

Get Your Gamez
PO Box 2659
Gilbert, AZ 85299-2659

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