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No frills New York-based rental company, appears functional, but we noted some site problems and a lack of new titles

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Gamma Gamer Game Rental Review

Visit Gamma Gamer SiteGamma Gamer is a New York City-based rental company which offers the basics--few bells and whistles, but appears fully functional. They cover all the main consoles, including the latest generation Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. They have a facility allowing purchase of rental games.

We have noticed Gamma Gamer has added very few titles of late though, so would be wary of signing up with them.

Gamma Gamer has a fair amount of information on each title, box cover picture, short description, genre, number of players, inline, publisher, release date, and rating, though none of these data fields are hyperlinked. Likewise, though ratings are displayed, there is no way to display titles by rating, nor are there parental controls. There are no customer reviews, screenshots etc. Titles are displayed in nine genres, as well as some PSP UMB format movies. Again, it appears like a bare bones rental service--which will still be fine for most renters we suppose--but with no extra quirks or features to distinguish them.

Gamma Gamer reckons for East Coast gamers it will take 1-2 days for games to arrive, with an extra 2-3 days to the West coast. They usually need 24-48 hours to package and ship the games, which may be honest to say up front, but it sounds a bit too long to us--there are quicker shipping companies out there.

They don't have a customer service phone line, but do have an email form to fill out with problems. We did note the The Contact Us button on the bottom of the screen didn't work when clicked from the How It Works Page; we didn't look further for more dead links, but this is not encouraging.

Gamma GamerFAQ page is on the short side, only 8 questions, but it handles the main ones. For instance, to cancel an account, you must inform them by email vice pressing any sort of cancel account button, and they will do so manually.


Prices: GammaGamer does not offer a free trial. Game plans are a pricey $14.99 for 1 game out, and $19.99 for 2 games out.

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Key Facts

Gamma Gamer Logo

Games at a time:
1: $14.99 (Unlimited)
2 : $19.99 (Unlimited)

Xbox 360 (160+)
Wii (60+)
PS3 (50+)
Xbox (420+)
PS2 (680+)
PSP (350+)
Gamecube (190+)
Nintendo DS (230+)
Gameboy Advance (220+)

Distribution Center: New York

Free Trial: none

Titles: 2,350
Film Rentals: no
Phone Contact:

Gamma Gamer
PO Box 480
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

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