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With five distribution centers, a large inventory, and unparalleled title information, this is one of the quickest and most informative rental sites in the US.

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Gamerang Game Rental Review

Visit Gamerang SiteGamerang is one of the best game rental companies around. Going strong since 2003, it now boasts no less than four shipping centers in California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, which should yield countrywide coverage of only 1-2 day shipping times. In fact, they claim that over half of their customers receive their games the next day. Gamerang may well have the quickest shipping times nationwide as a result, particularly for the poorer-served interior and rural areas.

We were particularly impressed by their range and many categories to aid browsing. Gamerang boasts 4,800+ titles for all nine currently popular game systems, divided into nine genres. They also go the extra mile with categories like New Releases, Upcoming Releases, Sports Fans, Kids Games, Online Enabled, Top 20 Rentals, and Release Calendar, all of which makes browsing on this site a breeze.

The entries for each title are among the most comprehensive we've seen on any US game rental site. They have the standard information like Publisher, Genre, Platform, Players, Online Enabled, and Release Date, as well as rating from both Our Critics, and Members, with a function allowing customers to enter their own ratings. They also have very lengthy descriptions, far more than a short paragraph on most sites, as well as a "People Who Purchased This Also Enjoyed..." section which is invaluable to getting ideas for new games. The only possible extra we could wish for would be a few screenshots as well, but then very few other sites boast those either.

Gamerang includes the option to purchase game rentals via the site, often at highly discounted rates even for relatively new games; under the Rent button is a Buy Used button with the price, so you don't need to go hunting for it. It also has parental controls, so parents can control children's rentals by ESRB level.

Perhaps most importantly, Gamerang boasts a customer service phone support, essential if you run into problems, and offered by too few game rental companies in our opinion. And it's an 800 number at that, manned 9-3 PST Monday-Friday. They also have minor extras that most companies lack, like Giftcards redeemable for subscriptions, a great present for a gamer.


Prices: Gamerang does not have a free trial, but does offer several promotions (see below) for cheap initial subscriptions. Game plans are $14.95 per month for 1 game out at a time, $24.95 for 2 games out, $49.90 for 3 games out ($75 refundable security deposit), and $59.95 for 4 games out ($100 refundable security deposit).


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Key Facts

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Games at a time:
1: $14.95 (Unlimited)
2 : $24.95 (Unlimited)
3 : $49.95 (Unlimited) 4 : $59.95 (Unlimited)

Xbox 360 (520+)
Wii (640+)
PS3 (380+)
PS2 (960+)
Xbox (450+)
GameCube (240+)
PSP (550+)
Gameboy Advance (330+)
Nintendo DS (790+)

Distribution Centers: California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, New Jersey

Free Trial: none; 1/3 off first two months

Titles: 4,800+
Film Rentals: no
Phone Contact:

(800) 495-1475
Gamerang Inc.
3303 Harbor Blvd., C7 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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