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Unfortunately, Blockbuster only offers game rentals instore as yet, and not through their excellent DVD online service.

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Blockbuster Game Rental Review

Visit Blockbuster SiteBlockbuster Online is a top DVD rental service, which unfortunately doesn't do games as yet.

But for DVD rentals, they've really gone to town on the website, possibly the best of any site out there in any country (and we've also reviewed the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and India). For instance, there's an excellent tutorial/tour movie which has sections on Overview, Browse Movies, Manage Queue, Rate Movies, and Get recommendations--it simply doesn't get any easier than this.

They have a real edge on Netflix (which doesn't stock games either) in that their Total Access program allows you to bring your DVDs back to any Blockbuster store and get an instant turnaround rather than waiting for the mail to arrive. For instant gratification, there's simply no better system, a hybrid of the best of rental-by-mail, and physical stores for when you want something now.

Blockbuster's search function is well-tuned and powerful, and we especially like their genre and subgenre browsing system which stays on the top of the screen. It's a very useful and intuitive system.

We only hope Blockbuster will join the video game rental industry soon, as they'd be a major contender. They already offer an instore-only Gamepass for $21.99 with unlimited swaps of video games stocked, it should be a small step to expand to offering these online.

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None as yet, until they start offering game rental by mail.


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